IT Solutions for Small Business

Technology is a rapidly changing, ever evolving organism. Your customers require your business to keep up with many of these advancements. The solution is never easy to come to but once a solution has been implemented you will see your business flourish. Practicality and efficiency are ideal goals for every business and the means to the end for these goals include a well designed IT infrastructure. Does your business have an IT plan? IT plans can help lower costs by moving in new equipment and tossing out old equipment in a uniform fashion that is sure to be conceivable in terms of fiscal feasibility. When PCs reach their old age (usually around 5 years) they can become non-responsive, this is risky because this down time will cost your business. The same goes with outdated software and incompatible business structures. The best way to increase your ROI is to automate as many processes as possible. This entails a strong integration system within your software and hardware which, in the long term, will increase profitability and down time.

This can be compared to using dial up internet as opposed to wireless. If it takes more than 5 minutes to log in to your PC, that is 5-10 minutes a day of down time. Extrapolated, a business can lose 1200-2400 minutes or 20-40 hours of productivity from one user in one year and this is just to log in! The real question to ask yourself is,¬† “How much productivity am I losing due to slow PCs and how does that affect my bottom line?”.

If you are interesting in developing an IT Plan, CNS engineers are here to help. We will map out your IT environment and determine which equipment is ready to be cycled out. Then we can help with minimizing your cost by doing this on a rotating basis. Need  to replace all of your equipment? We can start with the equipment that is holding you back the most from full productivity and work from there. Contact Us Today to find out more!