IT Support





CNS provides support for your business during any crisis or minor technical difficulty you may face. Our Help Desk will be able to connect you with a technician that can guide you through any issue and can access your system remotely to resolve any software problems. If the problem requires on site assistance CNS is available 24/7 to take service calls and same day service is available in most cases.

No more finger pointing or waiting on hold to find that you have to be connected to another department…

When you have systems not working—systems that are critical to your success—the last thing you want to hear is two independent vendors telling you, “It’s not us, it’s them.”

CNS will be the connection between you and your vendors. We only care about making your systems work. We work to identify the problem and come up with solutions to solve it. Our clients are satisfied with this and the vendors are too! We are able to see the whole of the system. Because of this, we are often able to identify the issue more quickly than the third-party vendors. And that makes everyone happy!