Total Support Solutions Data and Backup Management

C.N.S. offers Remote Data and Backup Management in our Total Support Solutions Package. With our systematic approach to data management you can be assured that you will always have data security and replication. C.N.S. offers several Data Management options for businesses of every size. With our Best Price Guarantee we will meet or beat any other Service Level Agreement pricing to be sure that your business is getting the best security money can buy at a rate that will not hurt the bank account. C.N.S. offers both managed and standard data security options.

C.N.S. has Partnered with Datto to offer a Total Backup Solution for every business of any size. We offer several options for Remote Backup Management which includes:

Start-Up Backup Solution for small companies (approx. 1-10 employees) which is based in the cloud and does not require a backup device. This service is   through our partnership with N-Able Technologies and provides consistent monitoring and replication of your data on a weekly or daily basis.

C.N.S. Professional backup management (approx. 10-50 Employees) is the next level of data management which can be very helpful in many industries including manufacturing and non-profit organizations. The Professional option includes cloud replication and bare metal restore capability. With a small physical device onsite, you can rest assured that your data will always be available to you no matter what the emergency. This is the option to go with if you require very little down time before your systems are up and running again.

C.N.S. Premium Data Management is our highest level backup offering which is great for large businesses (50+ employees) or companies that require a seamless transition from the server to their backup device to keep their systems running in the event of a hard drive crash or power surge. This backup system is capable of storing up to 40TB of data. This level also includes bare metal restore capability and an onsite device that can act as your backup server if any emergency occurs.

C.N.S. Backup Recovery

In business it is crucial to be prepared for disaster. Our Backup Recovery is here when you need it the most. Could your business survive an IT disaster? What would happen if there was a fire? Or a flood? Or something as simple as a disgruntled employee with a password and a desire to delete everything in sight? What if you couldn’t get it back? Could you survive?

The best way—in fact the only way—to handle an IT disaster is to have planned for it ahead of time. Automated backups with co-location and redundancy, operating procedures for your employees to follow, and tools to get you back up and running even if your office is destroyed—that’s how to plan for a disaster.

Planning for Risk Including:

  • Sabotage, viruses, cyber attacks, and hackers
  • Power failures and disruptions
  • Communication sector failures
  • Environmental Issues
  • Floods, blizzards, hurricanes, firescontact_us_today_orange
  • Human Error
  • System Failure
  • Theft

Business Continuity and Disaster Recovery

  • Offsite systems and backups
  • Employee training
  • Maximized uptime
  • Disaster procedures
  • Custom disaster recovery plan
  • External auditing
  • Impact analysis report
  • Co-location / redundant data storage