Internet Explorer Security Risks

Hackers have compromised IE.

What is up with Internet Explorer?

Recently it was just discovered that Internet Explorer has a security flaw. So what is going on? Basically, if you are using Internet Explorer as your browser you are at risk. This risk is only present if you click on an ad. This is much like getting a virus from clicking on an ad but this specific risk is related to hacking. Hackers are creating these ads so that when they are clicked, they can take over your PC to steal personal information like credit card numbers and account numbers.

What should you do?

There are several options. Homeland Security recently announced that people should not use Internet Explorer until Microsoft fixes the security issue (Read more here). While they work on producing an update to fix the problem, you could switch to using Mozilla Firefox which can be downloaded here or you could use Google Chrome which can be downloaded here. Another option would be to disable Adobe Flash for the time being. You can learn how to accomplish this here.

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