Integrated Device Technology: Organize All of your information

In a country where households have an average of 5.7 devices that connect to the internet ( , file organization can become quite the hassle. Even with external hard drives and other options, many people have a difficult time finding the exact file they need to accomplish a task. The use of internet connected devices continues to grow and more and more information is being stored on these devices, so how can we organize all this chaos?

File Integration with Lima

Kickstarter is a fantastic way to research these concepts and raise funding for a solution. The Kickstarter Campaign for a new device titled Lima has raised over $1.2 million. Lima is integrated device technology that can be easily setup and installed with a usb connection and will take all of your files on every device that connects to the internet. What it does with these files is the most fascinating part; Lima keeps track of everything a person does with their files to maintain organization and integrate the organization throughout all devices.

Integrated Device Technology in a Small Package : Lima