Digital Signage

Be Seen..And HeardDigital Signage

Digital Signage

  • Inform your audience of upcoming activities, meeting agendas, and other key benefits of their attendance.
  • HD Video sharing.
  • Cutting-edge, vibrant displays for a more impactful form of communication.

Projector System

  • Quick plug and play interfaces for impromptu presentations.
  • Display true-to-life images with exceptional brightness contrast and color accuracy.
  • Low total cost of ownership with energy saving signage


  • Share internet connection amongst varied devices and audience members.
  • Clients can share resources in real time

Reinforced Audio

  • Rich audio reproduction for clear communication and comprehension.
  • Ease-of-use from desks to executive suites to large-scale conference rooms.
  • Noise-cancelling mics deliver outstanding audio so focus can remain on speaker.

Presentation Accessories

  • Wireless Remotes with an integrated laser pointer allows the presenter to highlight important content.
  • Tablet/Notebook Docks are easy to carry from room to room and feature special function keys to better navigate through media.


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